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The RISC Zero Virtual Machine

Welcome to the RISC Zero zero-knowledge virtual machine! These are some of the features that make the RISC Zero zkVM a powerful foundation for an off-chain proving service. If you'd like more general information about the zkVM, you can find more resources on the RISC Zero website or visit our learning-oriented YouTube channel.

A General Purpose zkVM

Our zkVM emulates RISC-V. Using a general-purpose architecture makes RISC Zero an incredibly flexible platform. RISC Zero’s receipts can be rolled up for use with Ethereum or any other network!

Easy Onboarding

Writing zkApps on RISC Zero is (almost) as straight-forward as building any other Rust project. No need to learn a custom language or any fancy math or cryptography.

A zkVM architecture diagram

Leverage Mature Ecosystems

Complex software requires building blocks. RISC Zero lets you to accelerate your process with all your favorite Rust crates.

What's next for the zkVM?


Proving the validity of two RISC Zero receipts currently takes ~10 seconds in internal testing, with lots of room for improvement.


State of the art ZK systems can only verify computations of a few million machine cycles. RISC Zero’s continuations are a game-changer. With continuations, you can split long zkVM executions into chunks, and prove them in parallel.

Performance Improvements

We’re leveraging GPU acceleration and building Poseidon support to make our proofs even faster.

More Language Support

We’re Rust first, but the zkVM is compatible with any language that compiles to RISC-V. We plan to support a variety of languages, including Go and C++. For languages that usually run on virtual machines, we have started experiments to port small interpreters such as EVM engines to run on our zkvm.